Private Yoga Classes

Learn and practice yoga with one on one guidance. Or bring your pod and practice in a small group. Sessions are held over Zoom.

Deep Yoga Practice Package

You’ve started your yoga practice and are ready to go deep! Maybe you’re looking for peace under stress or less pain on your runs.

Yoga can be a lab to develop the skills and mindset we need in our everyday lives. The poses that bring up fear, physical tightness, or weakness offer the greatest space for experimentation.

We’ll work together to develop a holistic yoga and lifestyle practice to guide you to those poses and the peace, flexibility, and strength they hold. We can develop a series to fit any time constraints, experience levels, and goals.

Holistic Health Mentoring

On your health & wellness journey, you may find some self-care stumbles. Maybe you need someone to help you show up for yourself. Or you cycle through pushing yourself and burning out.

I’ll help you take a hard look at self-care and stay accountable and develop discernment. You’ll learn to recognize what your body & mind actually need on a given day so that you can take care of yourself for the long haul. Including your ups and downs!

Head over here to set up a 15-20 minute call to find out if we are a good fit!

Brighter Than Gold Yoga, LLC began as a spark many years ago when its founder, Tori, practiced yoga to help her through a difficult time. Since then, that spark grew to light up those qualties of life that are brighter than gold. Tori specializes in individual attention in yoga and holistic health.

Tori, as an historian, thrives on research and learning. She shares this learning with clients as a yoga and holistic health mentor. Tori trained in the multifaceted Create Karma program featuring Prana Flow and Forrest yoga inspired sequencing, anatomical alignments, and, most importantly, adaptability and accessibility for students.